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Welcome to the website of the CAP-Lab, a group of researchers studying the cognitive (neuro)science of consciousness, attention, perception, and working memory. The head of the CAP-Lab (pun intended) is Surya Gayet, assistant professor in Experimental Psychology at Utrecht University, The Netherlands.




New PHD position

Looking for a fully-funded, four-year PhD position? Do you see yourself researching the temporal dynamics of visual working memory, using EEG and machine learning?


The supervision team will consist of Dr. Samson Chota, Prof. Dr. Stefan van der Stigchel, and Dr. Surya Gayet. The vacancy will open in December 2023, but we are looking forward to hearing from you, if you are interested!

New paper out!

New paper out in Cognition, spearheaded by Giacomo Aldegheri. When we move, our viewpoint on objects changes continuously, but also coherently with the surrounding scene. Here, we show that observers automatically & rapidly predict an object's retinal image, based on the scene viewpoint.

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