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Welcome to the website of the CAP-Lab, a group of researchers studying the cognitive (neuro)science of consciousness, attention, perception, and working memory.


The head of the CAP-Lab (pun intended) is Surya Gayet, assistant professor in Experimental Psychology at Utrecht University, The Netherlands.





From left to right: Sam, Luzi, Dan, Xiaohua, Femke, Surya, Kabir, Yichen, Liangyou, Andre.



Out with a bang!

CAP-Lab is ending the year with a bang: Kabir Arora won the Best Poster Prize, and Surya Gayet won the Early Career Award at the biennial Dutch conference for Brain and Cognition (NVP)!

Also, two papers were accepted, one spearheaded by Andre Sahakian (in JEP-LMC), and one by Surya Gayet (in JEP:HPP). See the preprints below.

New paper out!

New paper out in Emotion, spearheaded by Piotr Litwin. Using fear-based and disgust-based conditioning of neutral stimuli, we show that (1) visual inputs threatening the homeostatic state of the observer gain preferential access to awareness, and that (2) the magnitude of this prioritization depends on the amount of physiological arousal evoked during fear/disgust acquisition.

New paper out!

New paper out in Cognition, spearheaded by Giacomo Aldegheri. When we move, our viewpoint on objects changes continuously, but also coherently with the surrounding scene. Here, we show that observers automatically & rapidly predict an object's retinal image, based on the scene viewpoint.

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