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Science is for everybody, and the results of the scientific process should therefore be available and accessible to everyone. Below are some examples of public events in which we shared our research and passion with the general public (ranging from primary school children, and festival audiences, to out-of-field academics). 

Contribution to Citizen Science project "Boost your Consciousness" including an online experiment.

General audience talk (in English) at Studium Generale, a public event hosted by TU/Eindhoven 

General audience talk (in Dutch) at Betweter Festival, a Science & Music event in Tivoli, Utrecht. 

Show for primary school children (in Dutch), "Operatie Breinbreker" in Tivoli, Utrecht. 

Contribution to an experimental science book for primary school children "Zoek het uit" (in Dutch).

Surya presents his "Zoek het uit" page

In this do-it-yourself experiment, children test whether predictions shape our conscious perception of the world. Go to this link for more information on "Zoek het uit".

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