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We aim to make our research transparent, durable, and inclusive, and are always welcoming suggestions to help us do better/more. 

Transparent science

Transparent Science

We promote reproducibility, collaboration, and accountability in science. In this light, transparent science involves sharing experiment scripts, raw data, preprocessing scripts, and analysis pipelines on publicly accessible repositories (such as OSF) for every publication. Also, we share our work on pre-print servers (accessible to all) prior to publication.

Durable science

Durable Science

We aim to conduct research that is robust and reliable over time. To achieve this, our research makes use of large sample sizes, pre-registered experiments, and internal/external replications. We are also setting up a code-buddy system, to ensure that every analysis step has been verified and reproduced by an independent party prior to publication.

Inclusive science

Inclusive Science

By bringing together individuals from different backgrounds and with diverse experiences, we can foster creativity, innovation, and new perspectives. To ensure that our research group is inclusive and diverse, we actively seek out and welcome individuals from a range of backgrounds, including those from underrepresented communities.

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